Empower a healthier, happier workforce

Increasing access to preventive wellness services can transform the health of your employee population.


Suite of Services

Mobile Medical

We have medical vans and trailers that can be deployed with staff to your location. Our specialties include occupational physicals and annual wellness exams.

Onsite Medical

Like having a virtual urgent care in the workplace. Health kiosks measure vital signs while providing a secure, private place for a telehealth appointment.

Virtual Care

Through the Transcend Health app, employees will have 24/7 access to virtual primary care and mental health services, all for a low, flat fee.

Digital Platform

Our digital platform allows for bi-directional information sharing between payers and providers at the point of care.

Benefits for Employers

Far-Reaching Benefits

Our custom solutions benefit both the employer and employee.

Attract and retain top talent, while reducing turnover and recruitment costs.
Improve population health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.
Improves employee satisfaction, enhances productivity and reduces absenteeism
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