Announcing our new partnership with Caravan Wellness Announcing our new partnership with Caravan Wellness Announcing our new partnership with Caravan Wellness
Transcend Health

First Responder Health and Wellness Program

How Can We Help You?

Our Capabilities

Mobile Medical

We have medical vans and trailers that can be deployed with staff to your location. Our specialties include occupational physicals and annual wellness exams.

Onsite Medical

Like having a virtual urgent care in the workplace. Health kiosks measure vital signs while providing a secure, private place for a telehealth appointment.

Virtual Care

Through the Transcend Health app, employees will have 24/7 access to virtual primary care and mental health services, all for a low, flat fee.

Digital Platform

Our digital platform allows for bi-directional information sharing between payers and providers at the point of care.

Occupational Healthcare

Mobile Medical Services

Our mobile medical team can perform a variety of services onsite, including annual physicals, fitness exams, fit-for-duty exams, new hire physicals, etc.
We have mobile clinics for more comprehensive exams and screenings that require advanced diagnostic equipment.
We also offer advanced cancer screenings and early detection tests. Talk to us for more info.

Total Wellness

Mental & Behavioral Health

Our Wellness Toolkit connects users with digital resources on a variety of health and wellness topics.
The Find-a-Doctor feature allows users to find culturally-competent clinicians near them.
Our telehealth portal technology can be customized to serve peer-to-peer support teams.
Health at your fingertips

Digital Health Platform

Hero Health Hub is a digital health and wellness platform that can be customized to your organization's needs.

Access population health dashboards to track the effectiveness of your health and wellness program.
Incorporate wearable devices to track vital signs while on shift. Measure heart rate, steps, sleep, etc.
Employees can access their personal health data and medical records at any time.
What we can do for you

Benefits Beyond Better Health

Our services are designed to benefit all stakeholders in your organization.

Increased User Engagement

Cutting-edge technology encourages user adoption and participation in new health and wellness initiatives.


Better Health Outcomes

Our program leads to better cardiovascular health, decreases in obesity, improved mental health, etc.


Reduced Costs

See a significant decrease in costs related to workers compensation, occupational illness and injuries, health insurance premiums, etc.


The data we collect can be aggregated and anonymized to use as justification for more department funding, resources, staffing, etc.


Video Tour

Watch a walkthrough of what we can do for your department

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